Secure Our Streets Conference

Welcome to the Secure Our Streets Conference. This conference is focused on the topic of cyber security in automotive products and supporting infrastructure. This is a yearly conference with the goal to allow anyone and everyone to participate and learn about how to bring security and safety to automotive products.

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What you need to know

About SOS

What is SOS?

International ASRG conference SOS (Secure Our Streets), which takes place for the second time and will be once a year. The conference is all about automotive cybersecurity which discusses and presents the latest interesting insights, technologies, solutions and processes from companies and leaders with well-known experience in the industry. Passenger cars, commercial vehicles and more are fast becoming the world’s most sophisticated computers and networks on wheels, which is a great target for cybercriminals. In addition, the OEMs and the suppliers are obligated to the new standards and regulations such as ISO/SAE-21434 and UN R155, which requires from them reorganization, new responsibilities, new resources, new cybersecurity culture and processes. At SOS, we explore existing and emerging cybersecurity challenges and solutions.

Host for 2024

Automotive Security Research Group (ASRG)

Automotive Security Research Group, a well known non-profit initiative to promote the development of security solutions for automotive products. ASRG started as an outcome of a masters thesis regarding how security for automotive products will change the industry from a business perspective. One of the outcomes of this research was that the goals of security are the same across all the different automotive manufactures and even across different products. Hence, we all have the same or similar goals and development process models, knowledge could or should be non-OEM specific besides the implementation strategy.

SOS is Supported by Leaders of the Industry

SOS needs support from companies to bring this conference free of charge to everyone. Please support them as they support you.
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How to get involved in
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Become a part of the solution, present at SOS and help education and inform the community about your latest research, solutions, and demonstrations.
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Support the SOS Conference and engage with the community through our virtual booths and marketing opportunities.
Opportunities starting at 2000 USD

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Join the conference as a participant and learn together about automotive security challenges and solutions.
Participation is FREE

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How do I become a sponsor of SOS?

Being a sponsor is easy. Review the options on the Sponsor page and see what makes sense for your company. Then fill out the short form and we will get in contact with you directly to discuss the process and how it works.

If the conference is free, how is this sustainable?

Listen, to be honest, this is not about the money.  We feel that the more information that is available to the public, to the engineers, to the researchers and to the management… the better decisions can be made regarding security in automotive products.  This information should not only be available to the people and companies who can afford to spend $X,000 on conference participation.  For these reasons, we have decided to volunteer our free time to help organize this new generation of conference, one open to everyone.  

However… there are still costs, so how do we pay for this?  Well, we have sponsors and they pay a small fee to be able to be able to have a virtual booth and marketing.  Lets be clear, SOS does not sell your data. But sponsors pay to have an opportunity to reach a targeted market. 

How do I get access?

Everyone must register for themselves via THIS LINK .  Then you will need to confirm the email address and a registration link will be provided to the confirmed e-mail address.  Please keep this link private as only one person will be able to attend the conference with this link and it will be linked to your provided information.

I can't attend, will the content be available after?

Yes and No.  The presentation and recorded content will be available a month or two after the conference. All other content will not be published and will only be available during the conference. 

Is there a registration deadline

No, we won’t close the registration before the conference starts.  However, we can not guarantee that registration will be always free.  It’s best to register now and secure your spot at SOS. 

How can I contact the organisers with any questions?

Please reach out to us here. Or you can email us directly at [email protected]

Is a webcam required?

The conference platform does allow for supporting video conferencing to allow for a more personal and engaging experience.  However, it is not required to use your camera.  

It is recommended to turn on your camera, if you would like to ask questions to presenters and during networking sessions.

How can I ask questions during the conference?

The conference platform is really awesome and has a great interface to support questions and answers.  Please check out this LINK to understand how best to use these features. 


Can I invite others to attend the event?

Of course, please send your friends, colleagues, and nemesis’s this link

How do I prepare for the event?

It’s going to be a long day filled with great talks, discussion and networking opportunities.  To prepare for this, the following is recommended (but not required):

  • Make sure to have something to drink (water, coffee, favorite energy drink, etc.)
  • Shower
  • Have a snack
  • And Enjoy.

How does the conference platform (Airmeet) work?
  • Use your laptop and join via browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  • Make sure you have a stable and good internet connection (Dial-Up probably will not work)
  • If you encounter any technical issue refresh the page or restart browser. Also, make sure that you close any other video conferencing tool you may have used recently.

Check this LINK for a step-by-step guide to use Airmeet as a participant.