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Secure Our Streets

Secure Our Streets (SOS) is a conference aiming to provide a global platform for information exchange among industry experts and researchers in the domain of automotive security and privacy technology. The goal of the conference is to enable the community of automotive OEMs, providers, academic researchers, policy makers, and government regulators to showcase the recent advances and requirements in areas of automotive security and privacy technologies, organizational strategy and cybersecurity plan and government policies.

Sponsorship Matrix

We believe that sponsors are not only important for to support the financial aspects of a conference, but also important to inform the conference participants of potential product and service offerings. It is important to understand which solutions are already available on the market and provide opportunities in both directions, for the sponsors and conference participants. For these reasons, we have prepared a sponsorship matrix which is very financially attractive.

Potential sponsors have the option of choosing one of the following levels. A comparison table of all offering is below.

Silver Level

  • Whats Included
  • Customizable Virtual Booth (Static, without direct communication)
  • Logo as Silver Sponsor in Registration / Website
  • Engagement Report
2000 USD

Gold Level

  • Whats Included
  • Includes all advantages from the Silver sponsorship package.
  • Customizable Virtual Booth with direct conference participant engagement (virtual tables and video chat)
  • Logo as Gold Sponsor in Registration page
  • Video advertisements in Reception
  • Logo displayed in Reception
5000 USD

Platinum Level

  • Whats Included
  • Includes all advantages from the Gold sponsorship package.
  • Logo as Platinum sponsor on Sponsorship page
  • Live Broadcasting within Virtual Booths
  • Engagement Button in Virtual Booth
  • Web Banner Advertisement on ASRG SOS webpage
  • Sponsor mentioned in Email Marketing
8000 USD


In 2022, we had the debut of the first-ever Secure Our Streets conference.  We were very happy to have a positive response from the community and the support of experts around the world.

ASRG has a worldwide presence and includes 50 locations with 10,000+ members.

Conference Tooling

We believe that the most important part of a conference is the content. However, it is very important to allow that content to be distributed through an easy to use and intuitive platform tool. To ensure the professionalism and ability for this virtual conference to be successful for all parties, we have selected this year Airmeet as the platform supplier.
Airmeet is an event-led engagement platform that enables organizers and marketers to host deeply interactive and integrated event experiences. Its immersive engagement suite empowers businesses and communities to connect with their audience, engage in meaningful conversations, exchange feedback, and build long-lasting relationships through events. Marketers, community managers, sales executives, and customer relationship teams leverage Airmeet’s 360-degree attendee engagement suite to dive deep into audience needs and dynamically update their customer engagement strategy with highly interactive touch-points and multiple networking opportunities. With the ability to scale up to 100,000 participants, and support multi-format events such as webinars, hybrid conferences, trade shows, and workshops. Airmeet offers an all-year-round engagement suite.


Conference participant engagement is important and difficult, and online even more so. SOS booths have a booth lounge for demos and discussions, company showcase for brochures, whitepapers, flyers, etc., and a call to action to receive interest from the visitors. Increase your event ROI by encouraging exhibitors to stand in a virtual booth exhibition area. The exhibitors can:

Sponsorship Matrix Comparison


2000 USD


5000 USD


8000 USD

Engagement Report

Sponsor mentioned in press release

Social Media post regarding the conference through ASRG social media channel.

Sponsors can use the official logo of SOS 2023.

Logo as Silver Sponsor in Registration page

Customizable Virtual Booth without direct conference participant engagement (no chat / virtual tables)

Logo as Gold Sponsor in Registration page

Advertisements (Video) between the presentations ~20 sec

Logo displayed on Event Lobby

Customizable Virtual Booth with direct conference participant engagement (virtual tables)

Logo as Platinum Sponsor in Registration page

Live Broadcasts in Booths

Sponsor logo will be included on SOS Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Company interviews. Interviewer: How has the conference been for you? With Side Pitch.

Sponsor supplied web banner on SOS website.

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What you need to know


What is the process?

Being a sponsor is easy. Review the options on the Sponsor page and send a request through the website.  We will send you a contract and invoice.  As soon as the contract is signed and the invoice paid, you will be sent the credentials for access to the conference platform. 

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. 

What format do we need the logos?

Logo can be sent to SOS in any of the following formats.  


Please let us know if you have any questions. 

How many attendees do you expect this year?

We expect around 1,000 registrations, but to be honest we will see most likely around 400 active participants. 

What does engagement report include?

The report will include statistics regarding each of the talks, and visitors to the virtual booths. 

Do you provide lead data which includes email address?

Yes, email address will be provided if a person enters the virtual booth and requests more information. .

How long is the video advertisements between presentations?

15-20 seconds.  Please note that the sponsor is responsible for the generation of the video advertisement material. 

Is Live Broadcasting within Booths take place as a tracked session or is there scheduled time audience is suggested to join sponsor's broadcasting?

Live Broadcasting is exclusive for Platinum Sponsors. 

These live broadcasting will not be included in the main schedule and are not tracked sessions.

Marketing to join the sponsors broadcast is the sponsors responsibility.  Please note that a message will be sent to all participants as an alert when a broadcast in the virtual booths starts.